Visitors flock to Paris from every corner of the globe for a taste of Europe's resplendent past – whether that means marvelling at the outlandish Gothic grandeur of Notre-Dame Cathedral, or coming face-to-face with the enigmatic Mona Lisa in the legendary Louvre art museum.

But scratch between the refined surface of the iconic French capital and you'll find a multicultural modern metropolis, replete with cutting-edge galleries, quirky flea markets and dress-to-impress nightclubs. It's also a culinary juggernaut, where you can feast on French staples like succulent steak frites and mouth-watering mussels in garlic and wine sauce. Paris is also one of the world’s great fashion capitals, and you’ll find retailers selling cutting-edge trends right across the city, from the famed department stores on Boulevard Haussmann to the unique boutiques found along Rue Saint-Honoré.



說到巴黎,一般人最熟悉的還是幾個知名地標,而且多半集中於市中心。名聞遐邇的艾菲爾鐵塔即為一例,凱旋門以及羅浮宮的重要象徵,玻璃金字塔也名列其中。再往前走,就會看到莊嚴的巴黎聖母院、紅磨坊和聖心大教堂,數之不盡的地標建築令人目不暇給。 巴黎在美學領域也是成就斐然。從悠久的藝術成就、不朽的古典音樂到張力十足的表演藝術,巴黎可看可賞的藝文活動如此之多,絕對能讓您滿載而歸。此外,巴黎隨處洋溢著羅曼蒂克的情懷,最適合夫婦或情侶一同造訪,年齡完全不是問題。快和您的另一半規劃行程,到浪漫的花都來一趟永難忘懷的邂逅吧!



巴黎 (其實該說是整個法國) 都以美食而聞名。巴黎號稱「光之城」,晚餐時刻正是一天的精華所在。從精緻的法國美饌到一流國際美食應有盡有,絕對能滿足您挑剔的味蕾。想解饞時,就算是簡單的零嘴也值得您細細品味;優雅而深具代表性的馬卡龍,更是上傳到 Instagram 分享時的首選之一。 此外,巴黎的餐飲選擇多到令人咋舌,一種比一種更誘人。走一趟在地市場,就能品嚐當地食材最單純的甘鮮美味,價格也極為實惠;若想品嚐更精巧細膩且口味多元的珍饈,美食版圖另一端的米其林星級餐廳就是最佳選擇。



幾世紀來—保守點說,幾十年來,巴黎都是歐洲重要的時尚之都。如果您正尋覓全新裝扮,可以在此發現與眾不同且有趣的東西,價格亦各異其趣—包括香榭麗舍大道精品店的最新設計,以及市內許多跳蚤市場的復古風格。如果您想大肆購物,卻又想盡量減少步行距離,也有一些很棒的暢貨中心可供選擇,巴黎郊區的暢貨中心更是不容錯過。 這座城市不僅時尚,也無疑是巴黎購物的明星景點。您也能找到許多古董、家居用品和獨特的紀念品。只需要知道要到哪裡尋找......



巴黎是座龐大又複雜的城市,不過如果您知道要做些什麼,就能夠輕鬆享受。這座城市具備良好的大眾運輸系統,而且蘊藏許多享受法國首都獨特文化和氛圍的機會。如果您出發之前,知道自己要去哪裡和做些什麼,會對您有所幫助。 我們備有不少基本資訊,能夠協助您發掘巴黎風情。無論您是常客或正規劃初次到訪,這些資訊都會有所幫助。僅需了解一些知識,您就能度過安全、輕鬆又有趣的旅行時光。



Let a Paris city break whisk you away on a journey into a wealth of history, haute cuisine, and fine arts. Stroll back to your Paris hotel hand-in-hand across the River Seine at twilight and discover your very own City of Light.

Get your bearings

The River Seine flows through Paris, separating the central area into the Right Bank and Left Bank. The Right Bank starts with the Louvre Museum and Renaissance-era Marais district, with the tree-lined Avenue des Champs-Élysées and major department stores further north. On the Left Bank, south of the River Seine, the Latin Quarter borders the Luxembourg Gardens. The Eiffel Tower dominates the skyline further west. Sitting in the middle of the Seine are two islands: the Île de la Cité, crowned by Notre Dame Cathedral, and Île St-Louis, a quiet enclave of 17th-century houses.

Centuries of culture

A day at the Louvre Museum gives just a hint of the treasures collected over the centuries – da Vinci’s enigmatic Mona Lisa is just one of 35,000 works of art on display. Spend the afternoon with Degas, Renoir and other French Impressionists at the Orsay Museum, and discover new angles on art at the Pompidou Centre in the Marais district. Dress up for an evening of opera or ballet at the opulent Palais Garnier or glossily modern Opéra Bastille. Alternatively, come as you are to hear traditional French songs by candlelight in Belleville, the multicultural district Edith Piaf called home.

Parisian wining and dining

Sipping an aperitif or coffee at an open-air café is an essential Paris city break experience, from hill-top Montmartre to the Latin Quarter. Order champagne and burgundy by the glass at mirror-lined wine bars in the Marais backstreets, then travel back to the 19th century at ornate brasseries in Montparnasse. Every neighbourhood has its local bistro serving fluffy omelettes and rich game dishes like rabbit and duck. The Belleville district specialises in Middle Eastern, Vietnamese and other ethnic cuisines.



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