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Waterfront Studio With Shared Pool - One-minute Walk to ski Lifts!



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  • 客廳
  • 游泳池
  • 陽台
  • 客廳
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克楚姆, ID, 美國
  • Great location... great condo association with pool, sauna, laundry; Generally well-…


  • Overall a very cute and cozy place to stay. As others have mentioned, the spiral…


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  • 提供零接觸入住服務
  • 禁煙



  • 禁煙飯店
  • 沙發床


  • 位於暖泉
  • 鋸齒國家森林 (步行 1 分鐘)
  • 大木高爾夫球場 (3.8 公里/2.4 英里)
  • 太陽谷藝術中心 (3.9 公里/2.4 英里)
  • 太陽谷滑雪渡假村 (5.2 公里/3.2 英里)
  • 博德山 (4 公里/2.5 英里)


臥室 1

1 張加大雙人床

臥室 2

1 張標準雙人日式榻榻米


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  • 位於暖泉
  • 鋸齒國家森林 (步行 1 分鐘)
  • 大木高爾夫球場 (3.8 公里/2.4 英里)
  • 太陽谷藝術中心 (3.9 公里/2.4 英里)
  • 太陽谷滑雪渡假村 (5.2 公里/3.2 英里)
  • 博德山 (4 公里/2.5 英里)
  • 朗河日租小屋 (5.6 公里/3.5 英里)
  • 多勒山 (6.8 公里/4.2 英里)
  • Ernest Hemingway 紀念館 (7 公里/4.3 英里)
  • St Lukes Hospital (7.9 公里/4.9 英里)
  • St Lukes Wood River Medical Center (7.9 公里/4.9 英里)


  • 太陽谷, 愛達荷 (SUN-佛里曼紀念機場) 25 分鐘車程,25.1 公里/15.6 英里
克楚姆, ID, 美國



  • 公寓 (41 平方公尺)
  • 可上網
  • 禁煙
  • 鄰近自助洗衣店


  • 單間客房 - 1 張加大雙人床和1 張沙發床/日式床墊
  • 其他住宿區 1 - 1 張加大雙人床
  • 其他住宿區 2 - 1 張沙發床/日式床墊


  • 1 間浴室


  • 自由滑雪進出
  • 附近可以打獵
  • 附近可以騎馬
  • 附近可以滑雪橇
  • 附近可以攀岩
  • 附近可以騎腳踏車
  • 附近可以溜冰
  • 附近可以騎越野腳踏車
  • 附近可以划皮艇
  • 附近可越野滑雪
  • 附近可以游泳
  • 鄰近滑雪場
  • 附近可以玩滑雪板
  • 鄰近泛舟區
  • 附近有健行步道/腳踏車道
  • 附近可以登山
  • 附近可以騎雪地摩托車
  • 附近可以爬山
  • 附近可以釣魚



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  • 全面禁煙
  • 旅客人數上限:2
  • 登記入住最低年齡:21


  • 16:00 後辦理入住
  • 10:00 前退房


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  • 入住登記開始時間: 16:00
  • 退房時間 - 10:00


  • 可能需要出示政府核發且附有照片的證件
  • 辦理入住手續的最低年齡為 21 歲


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  • 701
  • Waterfront Home With Shared Pool One minute Walk to ski Lifts!
  • Waterfront Condo With Shared Pool One minute Walk to ski Lifts!


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  • 您可自 16:00 起辦理入住。退房時間為 10:00。提供零接觸入住服務。
  • 是的。鄰近餐廳有Grumpy's (3.5 公里)、Grill at Knob Hill (3.5 公里) 和Il Naso (3.8 公里)。
  • 冬天來住這裡,您可以體驗附近的活動,包括溜冰和越野滑雪,氣候暖活之後則嘗試騎腳踏車和釣魚。住宿附近還有其他娛樂活動,例如可觀賞野生動物的步道、賞鳥和打獵。
  • 6.0.不錯哦

    Picabo Street Condo

    The location is great for skiing and has Warm Springs creek running right behind it.

    Lisa B., 其他旅行, 2020年10月01日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 4.0.一般般

    Those stairs are no joke

    Let me start by saying this: I fell down the stairs. Other guests have commented that the two spiral staircases are narrow and difficult to navigate. That is very true. Going up, they're more like ladders. Carrying a large suitcase would be nearly impossible, and if you're a large person, look elsewhere because you likely wouldn't fit through the narrow spaces on both staircase. Going up is not so bad, but coming down the staircase between the living area and bedroom is downright scary. The stair treads are very, very narrow. At the top, you can hold the center post with one hand and the wall with the other. If you go down very carefully, putting your foot sideways on each tread, you'll be ok...until you get to the third from last stair. You can still hold the center post, but on your left, there's nothing but air. Signs inside the unit direct you to remove your shoes, which I had done. So, I was coming down wearing just socks and I got to third from last stair and I put my size 5 1/2 foot straight on the tread instead of sideways, and my foot slipped. I had ahold of the center post, which caused me to swing around, right to the top of the second spiral staircase, which goes downstairs. I fell down two of those stairs before managing to grab the wall in front of me. Luckily, I wasn't injured, just very shaken up, with a few scraped-up knuckles on one hand. There is no railing to hold on either staircase, so seriously...if you're staying in this unit, please go down slowly and carefully. Every tread is shaped differently - some are larger than others - but some only have a few square inches on which to place your feet on the way down. A fall on these stairs could result in a really serious injury, especially if one of your appendages happened to get stuck in the spaces between the treads as you fell. Stairs aside, the unit is pretty cute and cozy, once you're settled into the level where you want to be. The main room is nice, and from the deck you have a great view of the pretty river. The mattress upstairs is not super comfortable, but the room itself is nice and has a huge window with a nice view. Several things were broken: the table on the deck, light fixture in the bathroom and hand towel bar in the bathroom. The little kitchenette is well-stocked and has everything you need. When we arrived at 11 pm, we found that the previous tenant had failed to leave the parking pass there. We called Vacasa and left a message, assuming we were out of luck for that evening. Vacasa called back within about 15 minutes. While they couldn't get a pass for us that night, they did have someone drop one by the very next morning. Overall, our stay was pleasant, but those stairs are really no joke. If you're looking at staying here, please be extra careful.

    Catherine A., 其他旅行, 2020年09月18日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 8.0.非常好

    Great location!

    The river was the draw! Beautiful location. Place is very cute and comfy despite the narrow spiral staircases. Left the slider open to hear the river and really enjoyed the Warm Springs area. Nice pool too.

    Jan R., 其他旅行, 2018年08月30日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 6.0.不錯哦

    Sun valley condo

    Location was great & very pretty views from condo.

    Christopher H., 其他旅行, 2018年08月05日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 6.0.不錯哦

    Do not rent if do not like tight spiral staircase.

    Right as you walk in the bottom parking level you confront a very tight spiral staircase that you need to haul everything you need up it. The spiral staircase is small and narrow. A challenge for people with larger than adult size feet. They are carpeted. the 3 story condo provides space and a very warm top bedroom in summer. I bought an extension cord to get the fan in a position to move the air out. in the summer need to sleep with all windows open. it was in the 90-degree zone. the parking can be tight at times

    JAMES R., 其他旅行, 2020年09月08日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 8.0.非常好


    Somewhere in the description I missed the part about the extremely narrow circular staircase. I'm a small person and it was insane to get luggage and supplies up those stairs

    Lisa B., 其他旅行, 2020年03月09日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Awesome studio

    Stayed in this cute well equipped studio on my own extending a business trip. Location cannot be beat if you're coming to ski. Literally next door to to Warm Springs base area. The bedroom bathroom area on the top floor had plenty of space. Living quarters were also roomy. Perfect for a couple. The heated swimming pool was like the largest hot tub I've ever been in complete with jets and definitely hot. I don't recall ever complimenting a vacation unit management company however in this case Vacasa was noteworthy. What I loved about them was the text reminders. For example, texting me that the unit was ready for early check-in. Clearly communicating the check-in process. I never spoke to anyone as there was no need to and yet I was really impressed with the level of communication. Would definitely stay here again.

    Robert A., 其他旅行, 2020年03月29日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 2.0.不太好

    Old, tired & dirty

    My male coworker helped me with my bags up the unbelievably narrow spiral staircase within 10 mins of walking around he said there’s no way you can stay here.

    Dianne T., 其他旅行, 2021年07月26日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 8.0.非常好

    Studio Anderberg

    Aside from getting used to the narrow stair case, the condo was very clean and well-appointed. Perfect location for skiers and very comfortable.

    Lynn M., 其他旅行, 2020年09月18日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Quirky and Almost 5 star

    The quirky part is the spiral staircase to enter the condo and the spiral staircase to the loft. The view and the creek running below the condo were worth the effort of lugging suitcases, gear, and groceries up that spiral. The bed was comfortable and there were plentiful amenities.

    Teresa B., 其他旅行, 2020年09月21日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

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