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  • 客房, 1 張特大雙人床, 非吸煙房 - 特色相片
  • 客房, 1 張特大雙人床, 非吸煙房 - 特色相片
  • 四人房, 2 張標準雙人床, 非吸煙房 - 浴室
  • 客房, 1 張特大雙人床, 非吸煙房 - 浴室
  • 客房, 1 張特大雙人床, 非吸煙房 - 特色相片
客房, 1 張特大雙人床, 非吸煙房 - 特色相片,相片 21 之 1。
1 / 21客房, 1 張特大雙人床, 非吸煙房 - 特色相片
1580 Appalachian Highway, 藍色山脊 (及鄰近地區), 30513, GA, 美國
  • Wrong bed setup had to get a cot for my son. Someone tried getting into my room if it…


  • Clean but old and run down


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  • 住宿使用消毒用品進行清理
  • 住宿確認他們有加強衛生安全措施
  • 採取社交距離相關措施
  • 免費提供旅客手部清潔用品


  • 免費無線上網
  • 免費停車
  • 浴缸
  • 空調



  • 28 間客房
  • 每日客房清潔服務
  • 客房餐點服務
  • 24 小時櫃台服務
  • 空調
  • 花園


  • 獨立浴室
  • 免費盥洗用品
  • 花園
  • 每日清潔服務
  • 咖啡機/沖茶器
  • 有線電視服務


  • 查塔胡奇國家森林 (步行 1 分鐘)
  • 藍嶺景觀鐵道 (步行 38 分鐘)
  • 藍嶺社區劇院 (步行 26 分鐘)
  • 櫻桃木溪 (5.7 公里/3.5 英里)
  • 梅西爾果園 (6.9 公里/4.3 英里)
  • 藍嶺湖碼頭 (8.7 公里/5.4 英里)

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  • 客房, 1 張特大雙人床, 非吸煙房
  • 四人房, 2 張標準雙人床, 非吸煙房



  • 查塔胡奇國家森林 (步行 1 分鐘)
  • 藍嶺景觀鐵道 (步行 38 分鐘)
  • 藍嶺社區劇院 (步行 26 分鐘)
  • 櫻桃木溪 (5.7 公里/3.5 英里)
  • 梅西爾果園 (6.9 公里/4.3 英里)
  • 藍嶺湖碼頭 (8.7 公里/5.4 英里)
  • Blue Ridge Lake (9.5 公里/5.9 英里)
  • Ocoee River (11.3 公里/7 英里)
  • 美國坦克城 (14.2 公里/8.8 英里)
  • 摩根頓角娛樂區 (14.5 公里/9 英里)
  • 百合花瓣村 (17.7 公里/11 英里)


  • 哈茲菲爾德 – 傑克遜亞特蘭大國際機場 (ATL) 108 分鐘車程,161.2 公里/100.1 英里
  • 查塔努加, 田納西 (CHA-查塔努加都會機場) 99 分鐘車程,120.9 公里/75.1 英里
  • 亞特蘭大, 喬治亞 (PDK-迪卡爾布-皮奇翠) 99 分鐘車程,145.1 公里/90.2 英里
  • 亞特蘭大, 喬治亞 (FTY-富爾頓郡) 94 分鐘車程,143.4 公里/89.1 英里
1580 Appalachian Highway, 藍色山脊 (及鄰近地區), 30513, GA, 美國



  • 這家飯店有 28 間客房


  • 入住時間:15:00-00:00
  • 退房時間 - 11:00


  • 新冠肺炎旅遊警示:旅行相關規定不斷改變,可能有行前採檢和入境後隔離等要求。




  • 需提供信用卡、金融卡或以現金做為雜費的押金
  • 可能需要出示政府核發且附有照片的證件
  • 辦理入住手續的最低年齡為 21 歲


  • 不提供嬰兒床


  • 歡迎寵物入住 (限狗)*
  • 僅限特定房間,有條件限制*
  • 每房最多攜帶 2 隻寵物


  • 公共區域提供免費無線上網
  • 客房提供免費無線上網


  • 住宿提供免費自助停車
  • 住宿設有無障礙停車位



  • 客房餐點服務
  • 烤肉架


  • 24 小時櫃台服務


  • 特定吸煙區
  • 花園
  • 野餐區


  • 無障礙浴室
  • 客房無障礙設施
  • 無障礙通道
  • 無障礙通道
  • 方便輪椅進出的停車場



  • 空調
  • 咖啡機/沖茶器


  • 獨立浴室
  • 淋浴/浴缸二合一
  • 免費盥洗用品


  • 平面電視
  • 有線


  • 書桌
  • 免費無線上網


  • 冰箱 (應要求提供)
  • 微波爐 (應要求提供)
  • 免費瓶裝水


  • 每日清潔服務



  • 現代飯店
  • The Modern Inn
  • Blue Ridge Rustic Inn Hotel
  • Blue Ridge Rustic Inn Blue Ridge
  • Blue Ridge Rustic Inn Hotel Blue Ridge
  • 藍嶺鄉村旅館飯店
  • 藍嶺鄉村旅館布魯嶺
  • 藍嶺鄉村旅館飯店布魯嶺


可攜帶寵物但需額外收費每隻寵物每次住宿 USD30













  • 可以,藍嶺鄉村旅館在我們網站上有提供可全額退款的客房,只要在入住前幾天取消即可。詳細的條款和條件請務必參閱住宿的取消規定。
  • 此住宿確認住宿使用消毒劑進行清潔、提供旅客手部清潔用品,且採取社交距離相關措施。請注意:此資訊由我們的合作夥伴提供。
  • 是的,提供免費自助停車服務。
  • 是的,歡迎狗入住,每房最多 2 隻寵物。收取每次住宿每隻寵物 USD30 的費用。服務性動物免費。
  • 您可於 15:00 至 00:00 辦理入住。退房時間為 11:00。
  • 是的。鄰近餐廳有L & L Beanery (3.3 公里)、The Vault Blue Ridge (3.3 公里) 和Three Sisters Fudge (3.3 公里)。
  • 藍嶺鄉村旅館具備野餐區和花園。
  • 2.0.不太好

    no for the money

    The place was stayable for one night. lots of drug users around, mold in the room and bathroom. place looked like someone cleaned it... once upon a time..

    austin, 1 晚家庭旅遊, 2021年03月19日

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  • 6.0.不錯哦

    Property was clean and price was good. TV did not have signal and no USB port on lamps in room. I think people are becoming accustomed to this being available and was disappointed that it was not.

    1 晚旅行, 2021年01月02日

    Expedia 真實旅客評語

  • 2.0.不太好

    I really don't like writing negative reviews, but I really don't have a choice under the circumstances. First, I will give the one pro, which is that you can take your dogs there, even larger dogs, and their dog policies are very reasonable. We were forced to make a last-minute reservation here for 5 nights because our other accommodations in the area fell through. We were initially put in a room upstairs. I asked for a first room floor because one of our dogs is very old and he struggles with steps. They told me there were no vacancies. The next morning, I asked again and they said a room had opened up on the first floor and we could move into it, which we did. That afternoon, I went to use the restroom in our new room and noticed that my feet were wet when I stood up. I then realized that the entire floor in the bathroom was wet and it was the toilet leaking. I called the front desk and they sent a maintenance person right over. He at first told me that he didn't think the toilet was leaking but came back later and said that he would need to replace the seal. It was after 5 by this point and he said I would probably not want him to do it then because it would take 2 hours. At that time, he wrapped a towel around the base of the toilet. He said to let the office know if we left with the dogs the next morning and he would take care of it then. I did tell the office. When we returned over 6 hours later, it didn't seem like anything was different in the room but I thought m

    Pamela, 5 晚旅行, 2020年12月27日

    Travelocity 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Cute and Affordable

    The Rustic Inn is affordable and cute. It is located right in Blue Ridge, which is convenient, especially if you are there to visit downtown Blue Ridge. Because of the price, do not expect anything fancy. It is also dog friendly, and does not restrict sizes. There is a huge area to let your dog run around and get some exercise. It is a motel and it is a comfy place to lay your head. Nothing more. The parking is somewhat inconvenient. If you get a room around back, you have to park in front and walk quite a bit to your room. If you have a lot of stuff to carry, be prepared to make several trips. All in all, I recommend the Rustic Inn. The staff was VERY accommodating and friendly.

    Angela, 1 晚家庭旅遊, 2020年12月26日

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  • 8.0.非常好

    Clean and worth the price!

    This hotel worth the price. It's nothing fancy but recently renovated and clean. The shower curtain bar was loose and needs to be replaced. Also, they advertise a continental breakfast but we were told due to covid we got nothing. They should update their description of the breakfast not being included.

    Christopher L, 1 晚旅行, 2020年12月20日

    Hotels.com 真實旅客評語

  • 4.0.一般般

    Poor visit. Would not recommend.

    Initially coded door would not open. Took 2 people to get it to work. Was next greeted by a pair of earrings laying on the bed then a huge spider on the floor. Tv would not work and when I went to ask for batteries for the remote they only had a used pair out of something else. Next morning went to get continental breakfast. They had about 6 generic cups of yogurt and 2 frozenish biscuits w/sausage. Was going to take a yogurt but they were out of spoons. Would not recommend this place as frankly the staff didn’t seem to care even a little bit about being sure they were stocked, clean and helpful to guests.

    Kate, 1 晚旅行, 2020年12月07日

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  • 4.0.一般般

    Not clean at all!

    Floor was dirty, bed sheets had hair and dirt and unknown yellow stains. Pillows were flat old and mattresses were foam cushion. Bathroom sink had a Urine smell! Blood spots on the bathroom wall. Very uncomfortable!

    2 晚家庭旅遊, 2020年11月06日

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  • 4.0.一般般

    Not a fan

    Would not stay again! They didn't even have my reservation at first. Took 45 minutes for them to find it. Shower curtain had 2 inches of mold at bottom. Floor was not mopped in a LONG time. Breakfast alot to be desired! AC unit loud, kept us up all night long.

    4 晚家庭旅遊, 2020年11月06日

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  • 4.0.一般般

    Hotel was renovated at one point but the problem is they are not keeping it clean. They let it go down so bad it was terrible. Our sheets were not changed and we had to call for new sheets when it was time for bed ( we did a late check in)

    zornitza, 2 晚家庭旅遊, 2020年11月06日

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  • 2.0.不太好

    Where to start? The door to our room was missing the numbers. Upon stepping inside, it smelled musty. It just got worse. There were roach droppings on the shelf above where you hang clothes. I killed a roach crawling across the floor. There were dead bugs in the ceiling light fixture and mold on the bottom of the shower curtain, which hung on a very rusty rod. The only good thing I can say is that the mattress was comfortable. Pick another place to stay!!!

    2 晚浪漫之旅, 2020年10月18日

    Expedia 真實旅客評語

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