聖安東尼奧, 德克薩斯, 美國的所有住宿

Family Vacay! Gated Comm.



  • 陽台
  • 陽台
  • 陽台
  • 陽台
  • 陽台
陽台,相片 43 之 1。
1 / 43陽台
聖安東尼奧, TX, 美國
  • Excellent communication with the owner. Great place, all you need to stay confortable.


  • Carlos was great to work with, very responsive and respective of our time. The property…


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  • 住宿使用消毒用品進行清理
  • 住宿確認他們有加強衛生安全措施
  • 前組旅客退房後會預留一段時間再接待下組旅客入住24 小時
  • 提供零接觸入住服務
  • 10 人
  • 5 間臥室
  • 5 張床
  • 2 間浴室
  • 附停車場
  • 浴缸
  • 廚房
  • 禁煙
  • 空調



  • 無線上網
  • 附設停車場
  • 禁煙飯店
  • 空調
  • 用餐區
  • 吹風機


  • 位於巴布科克北部
  • 基督教聖塔蘿莎醫院 - 醫學中心 (4.2 公里/2.6 英里)
  • 聯合服務汽車協會 (USAA) 總部 (4.4 公里/2.7 英里)
  • 胡伯納橡樹購物中心 (4.8 公里/3 英里)
  • 南德克薩斯醫學中心 (6.3 公里/3.9 英里)
  • 德克薩斯大學聖安東尼奧分校 (6.3 公里/3.9 英里)


臥室 1

1 張標準雙人日式榻榻米

臥室 2

1 張標準雙人床

臥室 3

1 張加大雙人床

臥室 4

1 張加大雙人床

臥室 5

1 張加大雙人床


別忘了!集 10 個印花可以換 1 晚獎勵*住宿

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  • 位於巴布科克北部
  • 基督教聖塔蘿莎醫院 - 醫學中心 (4.2 公里/2.6 英里)
  • 聯合服務汽車協會 (USAA) 總部 (4.4 公里/2.7 英里)
  • 胡伯納橡樹購物中心 (4.8 公里/3 英里)
  • 南德克薩斯醫學中心 (6.3 公里/3.9 英里)
  • 德克薩斯大學聖安東尼奧分校 (6.3 公里/3.9 英里)
  • 德克薩斯大學健康科學中心聖安東尼奧分部 (7.1 公里/4.4 英里)
  • 達布法里斯綜合體育場 (7.6 公里/4.7 英里)
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church (9.2 公里/5.7 英里)
  • 德州六旗Fiesta 遊樂園 (9.7 公里/6.1 英里)
  • La Cantera 帕麥爾球場 (10.1 公里/6.3 英里)


  • 聖安東尼奧國際機場 (SAT) 15 分鐘車程,19 公里/11.8 英里
  • 聖安東尼奧站 24 分鐘車程,26.3 公里/16.4 英里
聖安東尼奧, TX, 美國


Carlos Munoz




  • 度假屋 (139 平方公尺)
  • 車庫
  • 無線上網
  • 建議開車或搭車
  • 禁煙
  • 空調
  • 暖氣
  • 洗衣機
  • 可攜帶寵物


  • 5 間臥室
  • 臥室 1 - 1 張加大雙人床
  • 臥室 2 - 1 張雙人床
  • 臥室 3 - 1 張加大雙人床
  • 臥室 4 - 1 張加大雙人床
  • 臥室 5 - 1 張沙發床/日式床墊
  • 提供床單


  • 2 間浴室
  • 全套浴室 1 - 1 組淋浴設備、1 個浴缸和1 個馬桶
  • 全套浴室 2 - 1 組淋浴/浴缸二合一設備和1 個馬桶
  • 吹風機
  • 提供毛巾
  • 洗髮精
  • 肥皂
  • 衛生紙


  • 冰箱
  • 微波爐
  • 洗碗機
  • 烤箱
  • 爐台
  • 咖啡機/沖茶器
  • 烤麵包機
  • 鍋具/餐盤/廚房用品
  • 攪拌器
  • 香料


  • 獨立用餐區


  • 提供有線/衛星電視頻道的平面電視
  • DVD 播放機
  • 鄰近主題樂園
  • 兒童遊戲
  • 兒童玩具
  • 附近可以爬山
  • 附近可以騎馬
  • 附近可以登山
  • 附近可以游泳
  • 鄰近動物園
  • 附近可以騎越野腳踏車
  • 附近可以騎腳踏車
  • 附近有健行步道/腳踏車道


  • 可使用水上課員


  • 烤肉架
  • 花園
  • 庭院
  • 戶外家具
  • 有圍欄的庭院


  • 熨斗/燙衣板
  • 壁爐



  • 可攜帶寵物
  • 不可舉辦活動/派對
  • 全面禁煙
  • 旅客人數上限:10
  • 登記入住最低年齡:28


  • 17:00 後辦理入住
  • 10:00 前退房


  • 住宿業者將會傳送電子郵件說明入住和退房的相關事項,Vrbo 則會另寄 Vrbo 帳戶連結給您,您可以透過連結管理預訂。



  • 可能需要出示政府核發且附有照片的證件
  • 辦理入住手續的最低年齡為 28 歲


  • 歡迎寵物入住
  • 有條件限制*


  • 如需入住可攜帶寵物的客房,請事先聯絡飯店以便安排,飯店電話號碼在您的訂房確認單中。




    住宿使用消毒劑進行清潔;經常接觸的位置會以消毒用品清潔,且床單和毛巾會以攝氏 60/華式 140 度以上的水溫清洗。


    住宿在前一組旅客退房後,將等待至少 24 小時才會接待下一組旅客入住。


  • 15 min to Six Flags Downtown BMT Speicals!
  • 15 Min Six Flags Bmt Speicals
  • 15 min Six Flags Downtown BMT Speicals House San Antonio
  • 15 min Six Flags Downtown BMT Speicals House
  • 15 min Six Flags Downtown BMT Speicals San Antonio
  • 15 min Six Flags Downtown BMT Speicals
  • 15 min to Six Flags & Downtown - BMT Speicals! San Antonio


  • 此住宿確認住宿使用消毒劑進行清潔。請注意:此資訊由我們的合作夥伴提供。
  • 是的。住宿提供車庫 (最多 2 個車位)。
  • 是的,歡迎寵物入住。
  • 您可自 17:00 起辦理入住。退房時間為 10:00。提供零接觸入住服務。
  • 是的。鄰近餐廳有Jim's (3.7 公里)、Buffalo Wild Wings (3.8 公里) 和Thai Bistro & Sushi (3.9 公里)。
  • 您可以好好享受騎腳踏車、健行和騎馬等活動,或到附近的高爾夫球場揮揮桿。這裡有水上樂園和花園等設施,可供入住的旅客體驗看看。
  • 10.0.好極了

    Nice stay

    Carlos was very good at getting in contact with us, and was available with email and texting. We always got an immediate response. This was the cleanest place we have ever stayed in. It was immaculate. There is a gated entrance. The neighborhood is lovely and excellent neighbors. There is a park that you pass on the way in. About a block away. We went every day. The rules are wear a mask and use hand sanitizer when you get there. An easy thing to do. And when we went the kids were all at school so we never felt unsafe about Covid-19. The backyard had a smoker/ grill and outdoor table. The evenings during our stay were perfect for outdoor dining.

    Megan H., 其他旅行, 2020年10月11日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Perfect fit!

    This home was the perfect fit for our two families. It had plenty of space and spacious bedrooms to accommodate our party of 9. It offered a perfect area for 2 teenage boys to hang and play their game systems. It had a nice size back yard for the smaller children to play and a great play area inside the gated community within walking distance. Carlos was great! He always had a swift reply time to any text sent and made everything was in place for our arrival. The house also offered a few bonuses like a high chair, pack and play, booster seat, and board games. This home was definitely a great find!!

    Nichole M., 其他旅行, 2021年03月30日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Great place in a great location with a good Owner!

    Upon arrival villa was clean and felt like a home away from home. This is a gated community and we felt safe at all times. Carlos is great and a pleasure to do business with. A short 18 minute drive from the airport with plenty of shopping close by. Inclosing I would definitely recommend anyone with a family of 5 or more this is your best bet. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Darren B., 其他旅行, 2019年08月28日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Just as pictured!

    We had an amazing stay.

    Laura w., 其他旅行, 2020年09月09日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Perfect location

    The property was perfect! Comfortably fit our family and we thoroughly enjoyed eating "Al Fresco, " during our stay. Felt as if we were right at home. Family was all in favor of using this property again upon return to SA. Carlos was very accommodating and prompt with answering our questions. We totally recommend this spacious location.

    Adriana A., 其他旅行, 2019年12月23日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Amazing 2 dat Stay!

    This home had all my family and I needed. It has spacious rooms, family room and dining area perfect to gather around and spend quality time together. Kitchen had all the necessities to cook and even a grill on the porch with an patio table and chairs to enjoy a late night for the grown ups. I loved the tall ceilings in the Family room, Kitchen, Dining area and 3 front bedrooms. The older kids enjoyed the 2 garage rooms which was separated by private door from the house. Our stay was very enjoyable and will recommend to everyone!

    Jessica C., 其他旅行, 2021年07月21日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Holiday stay

    We enjoyed our stay at this property while visiting SATX. It was a great location for us, and well stocked with everything we needed. Clean and comfortable and Carlos was so easy to communicate with. Highly recommend!

    Bryan G., 其他旅行, 2021年01月09日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Surprisingly spacious

    The house is a single story unit with a great layout. There was a huge closet is the master suite to accommodate a pack-n-play, which gave us more space to spread out in the bedrooms. The garage conversion rooms were windowless, which we greatly appreciated. All of the secondary beds were low to the ground and comfortable - we all slept great!

    Tamber J., 其他旅行, 2021年03月07日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了

    Home away from home

    Very quiet neighborhood and was setup well for large families. Management was very responsive. Definitely keeping this home in mind for the next trip here.

    Eddie M., 其他旅行, 2018年10月27日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

  • 10.0.好極了


    The house was clean and very convenient to many different areas of San Antonio!

    Lamekia R., 其他旅行, 2019年10月19日

    Vrbo 真實旅客評語

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