重要通知:此地點可能有新冠病毒肺炎 (COVID-19) 相關的旅遊限制,包括住宿方面的特別限制。預訂前,請查看針對該地點所發佈的國家級、地區級和健康警示。

京都, 京都 (府), 日本的所有住宿
1 間客房, 2 位成人

奧薩日本寧飯店 - 京都

3 星級3 星級
615-0061JPNKyotoKyoto70 Saiininui-cho Ukyo-ku

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奧薩日本寧飯店 - 京都

  • 雙人房 (Nature)
  • 雙床房 (Art)
  • 雙人房 (TV Game)
  • 雙人房 (Board Game)
  • 雙人房 (Table Game)
  • 三人房 (Movie)
  • 雙床房 (Sky)

奧薩日本寧飯店 - 京都附近景點


  • 位於右京區
  • 錦市場 (步行 41 分鐘)
  • 四條大宮 (步行 21 分鐘)
  • 京都東映太秦映畫村 (步行 31 分鐘)
  • 京都鐵道博物館 (步行 39 分鐘)
  • 京都水族館 (步行 42 分鐘)
  • 京都永旺夢樂城 (步行 10 分鐘)
  • 西京極體育場 (步行 25 分鐘)


  • 大阪 (ITM – 伊丹) 53 分鐘車程,50 公里/31.1 英里
  • 西院站 步行 7 分鐘,0.6 公里/0.4 英里
  • 西院站 步行 9 分鐘,0.7 公里/0.5 英里
  • 湯田中站 步行 10 分鐘,0.8 公里/0.5 英里
  • 西大路御池站 步行 16 分鐘,1.3 公里/0.8 英里
  • 太秦天神川站 步行 21 分鐘,1.8 公里/1.1 英里
  • 圓町站 步行 24 分鐘,2 公里/1.2 英里




  • 20 間公寓


  • 入住時間:16:00-22:00
  • 退房時間: 10:00
此飯店沒有設置櫃台。請在抵達飯店的 72 小時前與飯店聯絡,以安排入住事宜,聯絡方式可以在預訂確認電子郵件中找到。如果您計劃在 22:00 後抵達飯店,請事先通知飯店,聯絡方式可以在預訂確認電子郵件中找到。旅客須事先與住宿方聯絡以取得入住相關指示。


  • 需提供信用卡、金融卡或以現金做為雜費的押金

  • 可能需要出示政府核發且附有照片的證件

  • 辦理入住手續的最低年齡為 18 歲



  • 5 歲或以下的兒童若與父母或監護人同住一間房 (不加床),無需支付額外住宿費

  • 不提供嬰兒床


  • 禁帶寵物 (歡迎服務性動物)


  • 公共區域提供免費無線上網

  • 客房提供免費無線上網



  • 不提供停車位



  • 禁煙飯店
* 詳細資訊或額外收費請參閱注意事項


  • 洗衣設施


  • 客房內溫度控制 (空調)
  • 坐浴桶
  • 免費盥洗用品
  • 吹風機
  • 書桌
  • 免費無線上網
  • 冰箱
  • 小廚房

奧薩日本寧飯店 - 京都的注意事項


  • 奧薩日本寧飯店公寓
  • 奧薩日本寧飯店京都
  • 奧薩日本寧飯店公寓京都
  • JAPANING HOTEL OXA Apartment Kyoto


根據「日本衛生及社會安全部 (MHLW)」之規定,所有國際旅客辦理入住手續 (入住飯店、汽車旅館等) 時必須告知飯店其護照號碼與國籍。此外,飯店務必影印所有房客之護照,以做備份之用。



  • 2018 年 10 月 1 日起,各住宿可能將開始收取城市稅;稅金範圍為每人每晚 JPY200 - JPY1,000,視每晚房價而定。請注意,旅客可能適用其他可以減免稅金的條件。如需查詢詳情,請參閱訂房確認內的資訊與住宿業者聯絡。
  • 當地城市規定徵收稅金:JPY1000/每人/每晚


奧薩日本寧飯店 - 京都常見問題

  • 我是否可以免費取消奧薩日本寧飯店的預訂並收到全額退款?
  • 奧薩日本寧飯店是否提供停車服務?
  • 奧薩日本寧飯店是否允許攜帶寵物?
  • 奧薩日本寧飯店入住登記和退房的時間為?
    您可於 16:00 至 22:00 辦理入住登記。退房時間為 10:00。
  • 奧薩日本寧飯店內部或附近是否有餐廳?
    是的。鄰近餐廳有Den Shichi 'sushi' (5 分鐘腳程)、Gyoza no Ohsho (6 分鐘腳程) 和MOS BURGER (7 分鐘腳程)。


很不錯 7.2 共 71 則評語

不太好 2.0
hk3 晚旅行
無與倫比 10.0
Great Place to live
SAU CHUNG, hk1 晚家庭旅遊
廣受好評 8.0
MING ZHONG, cn5 晚浪漫之旅
廣受好評 8.0
Mixed bag
It was quite a strange experience. On one hand we got an almost enormous apartment/studio by Japanese standards with a decent interior and a kitchenette and such luxuries as washing machine and a hotplate. On the other hand why bother with offering a kitchenette if there are no cups, pots, cutlery/utencils?.. It's unlikely that your guests will go and buy all of that for 2-3 nights. At the very least a cup and spoon would be great. Then there was the bed. Again, good sized double bed with a decent thickness mattress. But oh wow how hard that mattress was. We're used to memory foam IKEA ones that are pretty firm but this one was pretty much on no-flex level. I guess when you're too tired after an all day walking you don't care, yet still.. Area-wise it's alright - a good 40-50 min on foot till the central part of Kyoto or 25min on public transport. 15min if you rent a bike, but if you're renting it for a few days, you'll have to park it near the train station as there's no parking spot at the hotel. Can't say anything about the super-local izakayas/food spots as we were mostly wandering around other parts. PS Guys form Japaning, if you're reading this, you have to make the check in smoother. I wasn't aware that I had to phone you and get the code in advance and I bet not many customers would want to do that whilst on roaming. Send the code and the room number over the email.
Dmitrij, us3 晚浪漫之旅
無與倫比 10.0
Clean and well located
Great location
au3 晚商務旅行
廣受好評 8.0
Basic room, no frills. Good for a short stay. Within walking distance of train station, shops, restaurants.
us3 晚浪漫之旅
廣受好評 8.0
Comfortable stay
We stay in the quadruple room with shared toilet. The toilet and bathroom facilities are good. The common area is good for us to chitchat as the room is quite small. Microwave oven, fridge, water boiler and washing machine is provided for free. It will be great if they consider to provide cups and tableware as well.
hk2 晚好友同遊
廣受好評 8.0
Kyoto with kids.
First time in Kyoto. Easy automated check-in. Room clean and has all the essentials. We would definitely stay here again. Things to improve on: beds were a little hard and that hurts my back. It was a little bit hard to find the first night, due to it being dark and the signage so small. Cafe downstairs does not open until 1100. We were hoping to get something there before we left on a full day of sight seeing.
Kelly, us2 晚家庭旅遊
不太好 2.0
Don't stay here
Awful staff and system. There is no one working at the hotel and everything is done by an Ipad in the "lobby" When I came here, there were nowhere to but my luggage so we had to go to a nearby hotel with kind staff to let us put our bags there while we went roaming the city. When we got to the hotel again to check in they were not ready with the room (at 16.30) so we had to wait for a while. When we wanted to check out (on the Ipad again) someone from the hotel had decided to charge their iPhone there so it had no battery so we couldn't check out and nearly missed out train back to Tokyo (We just left the hotel).
Shahin, gb2 晚浪漫之旅
廣受好評 8.0
Really great place to stay.
I really liked this hotel, you basically get a mini apartment which was really great. You get a washing machine and free washine soap and all bathroom amenities. Also get a mini kitchen with microwave and kettle (toaster too maybe but cant remember..) The check in, check out time was really incovenient but not really a lot I can do about that. Because its self check in (which is really easy) there is no place to leave luggage after check out or before check in if you arrive early which sucks. But other than that, really great stay.
Lauren, gb1 晚浪漫之旅

奧薩日本寧飯店 - 京都